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Dieseko PVE 14/16/18NL hydraulic impact hammer complete with PVE900 series low emission hydraulic power pack, meeting the highest emission standard with a Stage-V engine for optimal environmental performance, with reduced pollutants and NOx to 98%.

Triple hammer capacity capability with configuration options through, 14, 16 & 18T.

Arriving in country Q2 2022 for immediate sale or rental application.

Supplied complete with:

PVE 18NL Hydraulic impact hammer
Sleeve ø1260, Length 2.25m 14/18NL (excl. inserts)
Sleeve ø1625, Length 2.25m 14/18NL (excl. inserts)
Drive cap housing ø1350 14-18NL
Free hanging pack
PVE 900 Power Pack Stage V / Tier 4f (Low emission)

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