Vibratory Drivers / Extractors

Pilequip is part of the DIESEKO Group of companies, and are exclusive Suppliers, Distributors, Aftersales Support & Service Agents for vibratory hammer manufacturers PVE Holland and ICE Holland, who are also owned by the DIESEKO Group.

PVE Holland manufactures High Frequency and Variable Moment hydraulic vibratory hammers from 8kg.m (weighing 1.5-tonnes) through to 70kg.m (weighing 12.0-tonnes), as well as special application Normal Frequency vibratory hammers up to 500kg.m (weighing in excess of 120.0-tonnes).

PVE Holland has also developed the ‘RESONATOR’ – super high frequency vibration free pile installation and extraction.

ICE Holland manufacture robust Normal Frequency and Resonance Free vibratory hammers for free-hanging; leader-mount; and excavator-mount applications, from 2kg.m (weighing 1.0-tonne) through to 300kg.m (weighing in excess of 50.0-tonnes).  ICE Holland also produce highest hydraulic power packs to stringent CE certification requirements, meeting the most stringent European Standards in terms of design, safety, fire, emissions, noise and environmental requirements.

The full range PVE and ICE vibratory hammers are available for purchase through Pilequip.  And Pilequip has a wide range of PVE and ICE vibratory hammers available for rental through our extensive rental fleet, or for purchase secondhand, knowing the equipment has been maintained to manufacturer specifications usin genuine manufacturer parts.

For purchase & rental enquiries, please contact Brett Camm
m. +61 (0)409 049 384


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