Hydraulic Piling Rigs

Woltman Hydraulic Piling Rigs

Piling Rigs

Woltman Piling Rigs are specifically designed for piling works, based on decades of piling experience and in-house development.  The rigs are easy to operate, yet combined with sophistication of state of the art technology, and conformance with highest standards of fuel and emissions controls. The rigs are compact and can be self-erected within minutes.  Unmatched stability and optional out-riggers enable piles to be driven at bigger inclinations requiring less work space.  Highest quality commercial readily available components ensure highest life cycle, reliability and easy/inexpensive maintenance.  Leader lengths from 17.5m (on a rig weighing approx. 30-tonnes) through to 51.0m (with the rig weighing approx. 160-tonnes), the Woltman piling rigs give you a wide range of choice to suit your specific piling needs.

Drilling & Multi-purpose Rigs

Woltman Drilling Rigs are manufactured in a wide range of sizes (from 30-tonnes to 160-tonnes) with powerful high performance engines and high torque resistant leaders to enable maximum flexibility as multi-purpose rigs.  For CFA Drilling, the rigs are equipped with a specially designed hydraulic system utilizing the powerful engine to drive the rotary head directly (up to 500kN.m torque) without the need for an additional power unit.  The Woltman rigs have excellent stability so can drill at rake, as well as high mobility for difficult access sites and can be self-erected in a very short time.  Another feature of the Drilling rigs is the specially designed pull down system that automatically adapts to drill resistance, making drilling operations easier to control for the operator.

Besides configuration as a CFA drilling rig, they can be equipped with a hammer for pile driving; a ring-vibrator for withdrawing temporary casings on cast-in-situ piles; a vibratory hammer for sheet piling; and even a hydraulic pressing attachment for vibration free press-pile installation and extraction.  The multi-purpose Drill rigs can also be used for full displacement piling and vibro-flot techniques.

Pilequip can discuss the wide range of Piling & Drilling Rigs, and their various applications/capabilities with you, to assist in your purchase decision.  Pilequip is also looking to have a Woltman 90DR (Multi-purpose/Drilling Rig) available for dry hire from id-2017 and a Woltman 50PR (Piling Rig) also available for dry hire through its rental fleet by mid-late 2017.  These rigs can be used on purely a rental basis, or rent/buy basis.

For purchase enquiries, please contact Brett Camm
e. bcamm@pilequip.com.au;
m. +61 (0)409 049 384


SoilTek Hydraulic Piling Rigs

SoilTek, based in Italy, was founded in 2001.  The SoilTek range of hydraulic piling rigs are purpose-built, compact, powerful complete hydraulic piling machines, based on all the features of larger industry recognised purpose-built piling rigs.  They are not piling attachments on an incompatible, inefficient, oversize, fixed crawler width standard excavator base.

Hydraulic Drilling Rigs

Soil Tek hydraulic piling rigs are highly efficient and multifunctional, combining important advantages such as compact size, usability, safety and simple maintenance.  Standard rigs range from operating weight 7.0-tonne through to 40.0-tonnes, achieving rotary torques of 27kN.m (27,000kg.m) through to 175kN.m (175,000kg.m), and are suitable for small, limited access operations through to large projects sites, capable of drilling a wide variety of diameters in any kind of soil.

By mounting different equipment, or reducing / increasing modular mast length on the same base units of SoilTek multipurpose models, it is possible to use the same rig for two or more such different drilling / piling techniques and applications, such as:

  • LOW HEADROOM : access under 2.2m headroom, and still drill bored piles to 10.0m depth or more;
  • BORED Piling : 7 to 30-tonne rig; 3 to 12-tonne.metres torque; 600mm to 1200mm dia; 15m to 40m depth;
  • CLOSE TO WALL : special application rotary to drill CFA 250mm only (to centre of pile) from an adjoining wall / building;
  • CFA Piling : 15 to 30-tonne rig; 7 to 12-tonne.metres torque; 200kN to 320kN crowd/extraction; 600mm dia; 10m to 16m;
  • DTHH : Down the hole hammer application.

Excavator Attached Telescopic Kelly Drilling

Soil Tek also offer a range of telescopic Kelly drilling attachments to suit your excavator, from 8-tonne to 35-tonne base carrier.

For purchase enquiries, please contact Brett Camm
e. bcamm@pilequip.com.au;
m. +61 (0)409 049 384



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