Piling Accessories

We are suppliers and stockists of a wide range of highest quality and engineered accessories to enhance your piling operations.

Euro Ground Release (GRS) & Ratchet Release (RRS) Lifting Shackles

Remote Ground Release Shackles (GRS) and Ratchet Release Shackles (RRS) specifically designed and engineered for lifting and rotating all types of steel pile sections from horizontal stacking areas into position for piling.  For use as singles or in groups, with Safe Working Loads from 3.5-tonnes through to 40-tonnes.  We maintain an extensive stock of GRS and RRS shackles to readily meet your project requirements.

Sheet Pile Threaders

The Sheet Pile Threader replaces the need for “man-lifters” when sheet piles are being pitched in panels, eliminating potential for jamming hands, and enables sheet piling to continue in adverse weather conditions.  Apart from being the safest method for interlocking sheet piles, productivity is also increased when using a sheet pile threader.

The Universal Sheet Pile Threader offers further productivity gains as the one set up is compatible with all sheet piling sections.

Pipe Lifting Shoes

Pipe Lifting Shoes are designed specifically for safely handling and separating stacked steel pile sections and other structural sections.

Strong shoes

Strong Shoes are designed for your specific pile section to increase end section modulus and resistance to buckling, as well as reduced skin friction in certain ground conditions.  Strong Shoes ensure competent driving in the hardest conditions without compromising the integrity of the pile, and can improve the end bearing capacity for load bearing piles.

Sheet Pile Capping System

The Sheet Pile Capping System is a fast and temporary economical method, and is a re-usable formwork module for cast in-situ capping beams on permanent sheet piling works such as sea walls, piers and jetties, and flood alleviation work.

Hydraulic Auger Cleaners

Hydraulic auger cleaners are designed to fit on your piling rigs for removing spoil from your CFA augers at low level, preventing danger and damage from falling debris and rig instability.  The one auger cleaner can be adapted to a variety of different auger diameters and pitches by the using alternative shells.


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