PVE Hydraulic Impact Hammers

PVE hydraulic impact hammers are ideal for all pile materials and all pile sections, and range in size from 3-tonne through to 28-tonne ram weight (35kN.m-500kN.m), and can be supplied in multiple configuration setups e.g. a PVE 10/12/14NL hammer can be configured in 10-tonne/12-tonne/14-tonne ram weight configurations, giving you ultimate flexibility in the one hammer.  PVE hydraulic impact hammers utilise a relatively heavy ram weight with a large end area, falling ‘at gravity’ (or slightly ‘boosted’), to ensure maximum efficiency (maximum impedence ratio) and transfer of energy into every pile material without developing excessive damaging local stresses (which are common in double-acting or accelerated hydraulic impact hammers).

PVE hydraulic impact hammers can be used free-hanging or mounted on leaders.  They are ideally suited to all piling materials (steel, precast, prestressed and spun concrete, and timber sections), and all piling sections (steel tube, I-sections and sheet piles; as well as segmented precast and prestressed hexagonal concrete).  PVE hydraulic impact hammers can be fitted with flat drive caps for steel sections, custom drive caps for precast concrete, as well as sheet pile leg guides for sheet piles and I-sections.

For purchase & rental enquiries, please contact Brett Camm
e. bcamm@pilequip.com.au;
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Dawson Hydraulic Impact Hammers

Dawson hydraulic impact hammers are double-acting, high-productivity hammers ideally suited to steel sheet piles, I-sections and tube piles.  They range in size from 1-tonne through to 6.5-tonne ram weight (12kN.m-100kN.m), and utilize a short, accelerated down-stroke to maximize energy and speed in a relatively short hammer with low overall weight.  These features enable Dawson hydraulic impact hammers to be mounted on excavators, mounted on leaders, or to be used free-hanging.

Dawson offers a ‘purpose-built’ sheet pile setup, with wide anvil maximising area of impact and offset leg guides to ensure energy delivered over the centroid of the sheet pile, ensuring rapid installation with minimum damage to the section.

Dawson hammers are fully mechanical, and can be ‘marinised’ for underwater piling applications.

For purchase& rental enquiries, please contact Brett Camm
e. bcamm@pilequip.com.au;
m. +61 (0)409 049 384


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